Baiba Bendika team Oakley

Born- 27.06.1991./ Home- Priekuļi  
I train in biathlon since 2001 and have been racing in World cup since 2011.
I'm Latvia's best women biathlete, this season I re-wrote history with my 9th place in World championships, what is now the best results in WCHs. I also have two 5th places in World cup. 
I have never been a huge talent, but I really love my job=passion and I'm hard worker who are eager to reach the highest goals and take first medals for Latvian women biathlon. 
I really love to be on mountains, and I spend a lot of time in Italy during my training season, so I also really enjoy italian food and love to cook by myself.

About Oakley: 
There are good sport glasses, but Oakley is another level and I really feel the difference and power of Prizm lenses! My two favorite models are Oakley Radar EV and Flight Jacket.


Instagram: instagram.com/bendikabaiba

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