Liisi hire-purchase


Liisi hire-purchase helps you to purchase your desired goods, with the option to pick a suitable deposit and contract period. After signing the contract, the goods will be issued to you.

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Why Liisi?

  • *Fast reply to limit application.
  • *Deposits starting from 0 euro.
  • *Possible length of agreement up to 4 years.
  • *Liisi hire-purchase can be applied by every adult Estonian citizen or a person with an Estonian residence permit.
  • *Liisi hire-purchase can be applied by customers of every bank.
  • *It is not necessary to go to the store in person.
  • *Changing the payment period is free.
  • *Client-centered approach.
  • *There is no minimum or maximum credit amount.
  • *The sum can be enlarged with surety from friends or family.
  • *In case of unforseeable payment problems, with instant notification we can find a suitable solution with the client.
  • *We treat long term customers with respect.

The final monthly payment depends on the credit capabilites of the customer and may differ from the loan calculator. Please turn to the store to get an exact loan offer.

How to apply for Liisi hire-purchase?

  • *Form the contract in the store.
  • *The store will send your data to Liisi, who will make a decision in a matter of minutes.
  • *In case the decision is positive, the store will print out the contract for you to sign.


Ask for Liisi hire-purchase, we will find a suitable solution for you.

Contact Koduliising AS

Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 18:00
Sat: 10:00 - 15:00
e-mail: info@liisi.ee
Phone: 675 5055
Fax: 675 5052

PS! The hire-purchase service is offered by Koduliising AS. Consider your decision carefully - read the terms and conditions and consult with an expert if necessary. The annual percentage rate of charge is 39,40% with the following sample conditions: cost of the product/service 419€, hire-purchase period of 12 months, annual interest rate of 20% on the outstanding balance (fixed)credit amount 419€,total sum 499,32€ and the total sum of monthly payments 499,32€.