1. Products bought from GPS EESTI Ltd can be complained inside a 2 year period, such as stated in the Estonian Debt law §218 section 2

2. Definitions
2.1 Expertise - an appraisal made by GPS EESTI Ltd (or in some cases, the official distributor of the product), to find out the existance and cause of defects on the product.
2.2. Independent expertise - an additional paid expertise by an independent expert, in case the customer is not happy with the expertise made by GPS EESTI Ltd.

3.Complaints can be made about production and material faults.
4.The complaint period starts from the day of receiving the product
5.The sales invoice and a filled up manufacturer warranty ticket, if needed, is the basis of the complaint.
6.The complaint can be made to the office of GPS EESTI Ltd, Regati pst. 1, Tallinn, Estonia or via e-mail: info@oakstore.ee

7. GPS EESTI Ltd is not responsible for the following defects:
7.1. Problems with the product that are caused by the accidental or intentional damaging by the user;
7.2. Problems with the product that are caused by altering the technical qualities of the product by a person or agency that is uncertified by the manufacturer;
7.3. Problems with the product that are caused by ignoring the user manual;
7.4. Problems with the product that are caused by using the product in an unsuitable enviroment;
7.5. Problems with the product caused by thunder, or any other natural cause (force majeure);
7.6. Problems with the product caused by connecting the device in an unproper power grid (including an ungrounded power grid);
7.7. Problems with the product causend by connecting live electrical devices together;
7.8. Deficits in case the serial numbers, control stickers or marking stickers on the product are ruined, replaced or removed.

8. GPS EESTI Ltd. is not responsible for maintaining the information stored in the device.
9. If the product that is brought for repairs is not used by the terms stated here and in complience with the terms in the Usage Contract, then the product can not be complained about and with an agreement by the customer, GPS EESTI Ltd will repair the product accordingly to the current price list.
10. The complaint has to be submitted in Estonian and as understandable as possible to describe the problems with the product
11. The complaint will not be solved if GPS EESTI Ltd. will prove that the problems with the product are caused by the customer.
12. GPS EESTI Ltd. is required to perform an expertise within six months after the sale date. If the result will determine that the problem is caused by the customer, but the customer does not agree, than the customer has a right to ask for an independent expertise. If the independent expertise shows that the fault is on the customer, then the customer will cover the cost of the independent expertise.
13. If the customer files the complaint after six months from the sale date and the repair shows that the product is not faulty, then the costs will be covered by the customer accordingly to the current price list.
14. If the complained products repair is impossible or its production is ended, GPS EESTI Ltd. will replace the product with an equivalent product with consent from the customer.