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I am Professional Golf Player from Lithuania. I have been playing Golf since I was 14. Since then I am practicing average 6 times a week from 4 up to 13 hours a day while I was studying at school and graduating the University. From 2018 I have started playing on Professional Golf Tour and I hope that after 12 years it is only the beginning of my career.
I am playing average 12 Professional Tournaments per season and I have won my first Professional Trophy last year (2019) with the result 71/69 (-4) in Poland - Tournament organised by PGA Polska.
With this number of events and results I have achieved so far I am one of the best Professional Golf Players in Baltic Countries and I am doing my best to continue writing a history of Golf in Lithuania and be an Idol for younger generations.

Since I was still a teenager, I was practicing hard and wishing I will be noticed by huge Sport Brands, who will believe in me. I am happy that Nike noticed me from the first year I became Professional Golf Player and I am trying to look forward and ask other Top brands to help me achieve the most. For me - Oakley is the best sunglasses brand in all of sports. I am happy that I have tried Oakley Dark Golf sunglasses which give a huge advantage by seeing bigger contrast of the green and yellow colours and it improved my game by a few shots.
To be honest, I though I will use it only in the most bright countries because my eyes are no prepared for Jordan’s or Egypt’s weather, but after realising the difference sunglasses could make I am using almost daily.


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