Martins Plavins and Edgars Tocs team Oakley

Latvian Beach volleyball players.

What do they say about Oakey?

Martins: “I choose Oakley sunglasses because they protect my eyes and fit so well during long rallies in the game. Also they are very modern and have a lot of colours to choose from. My favourite right now is golden Sutro because I like that feeling when other people are jealous about something that I have!:)"

Edgars: "My relationship with Oakley sunglasses started when I started to play beach volleyball! And since then Oakley sunglasses is giving me the best protection for my eyes from direct sun and fast flying balls! Also Oakley sunglasses gives me sharper and better vision than it is - especially in autumn or winter! You can use them everywhere, because Oakley sunglasses is designed for multiple styles and purposes!"





 Martins Plavins

 Edgars Tocs